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  • Getting Caught Up in Details or Seeing the BIG PICTURE?!

    Posted by Lisa Smith at 10/24/2014

      A lot of work is being done on thousands of little details for the upcoming Walk of Heroes... permission slips, bus transportation, nursing coverage -- all the myriad little, but vital, things that need to happen when kids are involved. Thankfully, we have a cadre of caring, knowledgeable people in place who are making those decisions and helping us make sure all aspects are covered.  
       Sometimes, in the swell of details, we can lose sight of WHY we are doing something. I had an experience recently which helped me remember what's really behind out Veterans' Day project.    
       I was in a phone conversation with a parent earlier this week when he mentioned that his son brought home a paper about the Walk of Heroes from school and said “Dad, we are having a Hero Walk on Veterans Day. We can invite a veteran to walk - I put down your name because YOU ARE MY HERO!”
       This dad is a veteran who served a tour in the Middle East recently. From the sudden hitch in his voice, I could tell that he had been very touched by that comment from his son. 
       THAT is why we are doing this! Money is a nice by-product, and obviously needed, but more importantly, NOW some young father knows that his son considers him a hero for serving his country... and THAT is the best return on the investment of time and energy we could ever expect!!

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