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District Welcomes Community to Join in Odd-Sock Collection!

 sock box
You know it happens in your household, too! An even number of socks go into the laundry; an odd number of socks come out! Where did the other one go?
Though we may never solve THAT mystery of modern life, we can offer a solution of what to do with the odd sock you have left; along with any other socks your children have outgrown, styles or colors you no longer like and other socks you no longer want or need. Bring them into school and put them into the Sock Donation Box between early January and February 28. 
The district is working with Put a Sock in It, a regional non-profit who collects socks, groups them by size, and gives them to homeless shelters and programs for distribution to their clients. For many individuals who are faced with living on the streets, a pair of warm, clean socks is a fantastic gift. 
Any size, any style, any fabric will do. We ask only that there be no holes in them and that they be reasonably clean.  
A volunteer with Put a Sock in It will collect the donations over the few weeks between now and February 28 and will keep us up-to-date on how many we have given. 
Isn't it time to clean out your closets? Think how appreciative someone may be to receive your odd socks! 

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